Jul 30

Funny self statement

 funny work statements

funny weather statements

Life is so beautiful and lovely.  If you are in love then you will be very happy and will also spread happiness in the people.  Your self funny statements are very funny.  Life is too short and gives smile while you still have teeth.

Jul 30

Funny visual statements

 funny statement youtube

funny statements yahoo

Now these days media is very powerful and can deliver messages easily and visually.  Many companies are using media and give information about their products by funny statements which create good impact about products.

Jul 30

Funny witness statement

 funny yearbook statement

funny yolo statements

A witness of any crime gives sometime very funny statements on crime position.  This situations is also become very funny when witness see media in front of him, His statements become also very funny to be a popular.

Jul 30

Funny Humanity Statements

funny statement about yourself

funny statements make you think

Humanity is big issue in the world and world most powerful countries are silent on killing of Philistines but these countries are very touchy with topic humanity.  There funny statements about humanity and closed their eyes on killing of Philistines.

Jul 30

Funny Weather Statements

 funny new years statement

funny zen statements

Its really and awkward feelings and statements that when in bad sense your name used in your class room or any stage of life.  Its better in your life that your name should use in good sense.